Interesting lectures, workshops, and panels at the MoStart Conference Education Day

Interesting lectures, workshops, and panels at the MoStart Conference Education Day

24.04.2024 16:07:17



24.04.2024 16:07:17

About 400 participants gathered for the Education Day of the international conference on digital transformation in education and the application of artificial intelligence by MoStart, which was held on Wednesday at the University of Mostar (SUM). Education Day was designed as a platform for participants involved in educational processes who want to keep up with the latest trends in technology applications in the world of education.

The goal of Education Day, or the educational part of the conference, is to encourage educators to actively participate in the process of continuous learning and personal development of skills and knowledge, with a special emphasis on innovative approaches in education, including the application of artificial intelligence, digital technologies, and tools that can significantly enrich the learning and teaching process.

Over 90 speakers

This year, the educational part of the conference, which gathered about 400 participants, was held in several formats, including over 90 speakers, more than 15 lectures, and several workshops and panels. Participants had the opportunity to participate in workshops such as the SUM AI workshop for teachers, and workshop participants had the chance to learn how to apply artificial intelligence tools to help in creating educational materials.

Another interesting workshop held at the conference was on creating educational 3D models, led by assistants Mila Zovko and Ivana Marić from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Education Studies at SUM. This workshop was designed to provide participants with practical experience and knowledge about using 3D technology for educational purposes. During the workshop, participants were introduced to the basics of 3D modeling, including various software tools and techniques used in the model-making process. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to attend a workshop on the topic of art and technology within mathematical classrooms led by Prof. Dr. Sc. Vedrana Mikulić Crnković and Prof. Dr. Sc. Bojan Crnković from the University of Rijeka, aimed at exploring how these two disciplines intertwine to enrich and improve mathematics teaching with the help of modern technologies and digital methods.

Development of the academic and research community

One of the important topics covered through the panel is "The Future of Federative Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina - GÉANT FORUM." The panel focused on discussing the current state and prospects for the development of federative services that are crucial for the academic and research community in BiH. Panel participants emphasized how federative services enable safer and more efficient exchange of information and resources among educational and research institutions, which is especially important in the context of global collaboration and the digitalization of education. Discussions included the need to strengthen infrastructure and the opportunities provided by cooperation with international organizations like GÉANT, a leading European network that provides a high-performance and secure network infrastructure.

Education Day participants had the opportunity to attend more than 15 lectures on various topics such as artificial intelligence and psychology, digital assistants in education, digital platforms for preschool ages, development of E-journals, UI, and key points of grammar. These lectures covered almost all the latest trends and topics within education and the most current ways of applying digital technologies in classrooms, as well as within educational institutions intended for younger age groups than schoolchildren. This segment of the conference covered a wide range of topics aimed at encouraging participants to think and exchange existing experiences.

After Education Day on Thursday, April 25, a day dedicated to science will follow, while Friday, April 26, will be dedicated to the IT industry. Follow the conference news on the website, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook of the conference.


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